Art Walks and Chalk Fest

Uptown Shelby Association partners with the Cleveland County Arts Council to bring art to the streets of Uptown Shelby.

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The Art Walk

The Art Walk happens in the spring, summer and fall in Uptown Shelby. Local businesses stay open in the evening to host various artists. The Art Walk coincides with the opening of an exhibit at the Arts Council.  The 2017 Art Walks are April 27th, August 17th, and October 26th.


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The Chalk Fest

Chalk Fest 2017 will be June 3rd starting at 9:00 am. Local, regional and aspiring artists of all ages compete to turn the sidewalks of the Court Square into works of art. Contact the Cleveland County Arts Council to register to be an artist in the Chalk Fest. http://www.ccartscouncil.org/Events.htm